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INDEX®: Ten years of PROTOPLAST - celebrated with a new investment product.

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By: Nicole Egeler

Ten years of PROTOPLAST - celebrated with a new investment product.

The Basel «action company» PROTOPLAST is launching a new product called INDEX® to mark its first ten years. And the product is itself a sign of the times.

Millions of investors pin their hopes on securities and are richly rewarded by the excitement and emotions generated by following the gyrations of the market, ever hopeful that an emerging trend will vindicate their decisions and justify their risks. Meanwhile the old economy is giving way to the new, and recent events in the world's financial markets are giving rise to both hope and despair.

"When am I going to strike it rich?"

"Should I take the plunge or get out while the getting is good?"

"Is everything moving against me or is the market going my way?"

"Am I heading for a crash or about to get lots of cash?"

"Could I be caught in a bear trap here?"

"Is the turnaround going to succeed?"

PROTOPLAST AG, the company for imaginary products, knows what anxious moments and sensations of euphoria are all about. At the same time, it measures its ideas and actions against the standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

Accordingly, PROTOPLAST is offering the new market of the new millennium a commemorative new product whose emotional potential is as fascinating as the slick mathematical elegance of its foundations.

PROTOPLAST is launching the new product marking its first ten years of existence on 18 June 2000 at the Böblingen Town Gallery, accompanied by a promotional covering the entire town. The presentation runs until 20 August 2000.

If you're interested you can track the fluctuations of the INDEX® certificate on the Internet at www.protoplast.ch – and its performance is likely to be dramatic.

PROTOPLAST: «In INDEX® we are bringing out a product with a substantial emotional content in the form of volatility. Because the most stirring events right now are being played out on the capital markets.»

About PROTOPLAST: The art firm for imaginary products - PROTOPLAST AG - was founded in Basel as an «action company» in 1990 in response to the identity crisis in the world of consumer goods. The firm is a pioneer and market leader in the development, production and marketing of imaginary products. Its profile was raised considerably by the summer 1999 presentation of its new GRAU® product in Weimar, when Weimar was the Culture Capital of Europe. PROTOPLAST was active that summer as a construction company in Weimar in connection with the Goethe anniversary.