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Pom-0-Porn® - expanding into sex and food

Category: press release

By: Heinrich Schmidt

From the Swiss art firm PROTOPLAST, a brand new product: POM-0-PORN®

Always a boom market for sex and food.

And spotting this vital sign of the times, PROTOPLAST synthesises a hot new solution:

POM-0-PORN®. With this breakthrough concept, the company that's been developing imaginary products since 1990 is banking on two contemporary megatrends: porno and bio.

The art firm's latest offering satisfies elementary human needs in a global mass market. This vital extension of its product range enables PROTOPLAST to expand its client base and penetrate new markets for imaginary products. The innovative combination of sex and fruit pulp is designed to fill a gap in the market.

Like the apple in the Garden of Eden, POM-0-PORN® entices and seduces you into experiencing happiness, health and lust for life under the motto of "|_N_N_0_C_E_|\|_+ & H_/\_R_|)_!"

PROTOPLAST POM-0-PORN® now playing, with great enjoyment, at "Kaskadenkondensator Basel". Launch: Friday, 8th February, at 18.00 Uhr in the "Kaskadenkondensator", Burgweg 7, CH-4058 Basel, Tel. 0041-61-693 38 37): www.kasko.ch

Kaskadenkondensator Opening times: 9th-24th February, on Th/Fr 18.00-21.00 and on Sa/Su 16.00-19.00 Uhr, in "ENTERVIEW 2/02" (insert) and on the Internet at www.protoplast.ch

Claim: The art firm for imaginary products, PROTOPLAST AG was founded in Basel as an "action company" in 1990 in response to the identity crisis in the world of consumer goods. The firm is a pioneer and market leader in the development, production and marketing of imaginary products. PROTOPLAST understands imaginary products as brand names and their distinctive trade marks. The firm raised its profile considerably with the launching of such products as LIGHT® on Swiss TV channel SF1 in 1993, BOBO® at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1995, GRAU® in the Culture Capital of Europe (Weimar ’99) in 1999, and INDEX® at Zurich's Museum of Design in 2001. The PROTOPLAST product family now numbers 18 solutions ranging from VVVIRUS® to POM-0-PORN®.


More information about PROTOPLAST on www.protoplast.ch or Tel. 0041-79-622 69 79, Fax 0041-61-692 50 25