In 1999, Protoplast was invited to develop a new project and product using the slogan ''Endlich wird Zukunft wirklich'' for the city of Goethe Weimar on the occasion of "Kulturhauptstadt Europa 1999". It was called GRAU® and consisted of the installation of seven imaginary building sites spread over the whole city of Weimar and an additional "Protoplast GRAU® information desk" at the Galerie ACC Weimar. Informations about this project are available by clicking the following links:

• Protoplast GRAU® prospectus (pdf) • Radio MDR live interview with Protoplast (in German) • 360° panorama views of the GRAU® building sites and the GRAU® information desk • Views of the seven GRAU® building sites in Weimar 1999 (QuickTime) • Views of the Protoplast Information Desk at the Kunstraum ACC, Weimar 1999 (QuickTime) • The official press release audio voice on the occasion of launching GRAU® in Weimar 1999 (mp3, spoken by Sabine Trieloff)

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