05.12.05 22:35 Age: 11 yrs

Protoplast show at the Beauty Free Shop Prague


By invitation of the Czech art magazine Umelec and the Swiss art curator Oliver Kielmayer, Protoplast (together with Mickry3, Mark Divo and Clare Goodwin) presented imaginary products at the Beauty Free Shop in Prague during December 2005. Official partner: Swiss Embassy.


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Ivan Mecl and Janice Bae and organization crew:

David Cerny, Kristof Kintera, Jiri Ptacek and William Hollister

Imagine a storefront. A boutique in the centre of a tourist town during Christmas high season. From the outside, it looks suitable for the occasion. Goods can be seen through the window panes, there is a sales person behind a cash register, and there are customer service representatives available on call. It is only upon closer examination, that people recognise that none of the objects serve any practical purpose.

Surely, they are professionally packaged, there are brochures on hand to explain function, but in general they are more or less useless. These are contemporary art objects, but in their nature they are presented as goods.

This art installation is on exhibition as a fiction of a luxury department store during Prague's Christmas season. In the front hall of a vacant exclusive commercial space on the ground floor of the Adria Palace there will be an overview of some of the most important contemporary world artists, whose work is associated with consumer goods. These goods are to be presented to the public at the beginning of December 2005. (Text corrections by Dr. Nania Schärer-Hernandez)


Beauty Free Shop

December 2005

Jungmannova 29

Praha 1